Security for Growing.

In today’s world, as a country, it is essential to ensure security for our growth and progress.

Adopting this philosophy as a principle, our company was established to realize this in our country and in the world.

SFG Defense Technologies Ltd. Sti. ; provides services in the field of security and defense to produce and supply suitable and high technology products.

Our company started to produce X-RAY Baggage Control Devices with its own brand and aims to offer the highest technology to domestic and international markets.

Our company, which has the highest quality management certificate ISO 9001: 2015, has all the quality certificates produced and supplied by our company.


– You can send us an e-mail to [email protected] for X-RAY and Metal Detector Renting.

– It covers the detection of malfunctions in the devices and their immediate repair if possible.
– X-ray device, our service is guaranteed for 2 years onsite anywhere in Turkey. If there is a situation that cannot be helped and resolved by telephone, the technical team is directed immediately.